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A Home Filled With Love

Acts of love that truly matter, are the ones that come from the heart. Planning and painting for a loved one takes time and effort. It shows respect and gratitude, while inspiring them to pursue their passions with a fresh coat of paint - Paint New Happiness.

Rekindle passion with paint

It’s time to rekindle the passion of your loved ones with coats of excellence.

Precious Stone

MS 138

Momento® Sparkle Silver

Nippon Momento lets you recreate intricate works of Italian craftsmanship in your home.

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N 2017D

Blue Eruption

N 2016A

Weatherbond Flex

Weatherbond Flex promotes tougher resistance against harsh weather, dirt, fungus and algae. Using a luxurious glossy finish to ensure a longer lasting finish for your wall.

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An acrylic-based paint for internal and external fibre cement boards, wooden and galvanised iron surfaces.

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Norse Blue

BGG 1568A

Meadow Daisy

YO 1141A


R 1267A

Gracious Gray

N 2006P

Moonlight Green

MET 016

Metallic Paint

Set a new standard for your decorative pieces with our smooth metallic shimmering paint. Simply glaze on this dazzling, soft shine coat of metallic paint on walls, wood and metal surfaces.

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