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Discover the trending colours this Deepavali to freshen and
brighten your space
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Evergreen Memories
Natural greens work beautifully in the home, allowing the refreshing spirit of Deepavali to be manifested in any spaceas it elevates tranquility and comfort.
Green Gable
NP BGG 1813 A
Froggy’s Leaf
NP BGG 1748 P
Spice it up with:
Fantasy Green AC 2110 A & glazed over with Momento Pearl Frost
Mistic Green MET 011
(Hydro Metallic)

Add a Special Effect Paint onto your ordinary wall in just 2 hours!

Step 1

Place a drop sheet on the floor and use washi tape on fittings that aren’t removable and/or on edges.

Step 2

Ensure the surface is free from contaminants, clean and dry before painting a layer of Momento Primer.

Step 3

Decide on the desired effect from the Sparkle range (Momento Textured Series).

Step 4

Stir the paint thoroughly and dip the brush into the paint, covering at least half the brush.

Step 5

Apply one layer of paint in irregular criss-cross strokes from left to right. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second layer.

Products you need
Coat your walls better with the right coating system using our wide range of products


Momento Primer

Water-based primer specially formulated for Momento Effect Paint

1 coat

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Top Coat

Momento Textured Series

Recreate intricate works of Italian craftsmanship in your home

1-2 coats

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Tools you need
Get our specialised tools for a seamless painting experience

Washi Tape

A Japan-imported premium washi tape that prevents paint from bleeding, creating perfect paint separation lines

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Drop sheet

Premium drop sheet with anti-skid properties

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Momento® Toolkit

Perfectly complements the Momento® Top Coat to turn ordinary walls into extraordinary

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Paint Roller

High-density Mohair Fibre for quality results

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Brush Kenji Sakai

In Memory of
Mr. Kenji Sakai

EX-Chairman of the Board at Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd.
0000 - 2018

The Management and Staff of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group
are saddened to share the news that our Ex-Chairman of the
Board at Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd., Mr Kenji Sakai has
passed away on May 1, 2018.

We would like to take this day to mourn the loss of a
respected leader and a dear friend of ours as well as honour
his service and dedication in setting a great legacy here at
Nippon Paint.

Our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Kenji Sakai.
May you rest in peace.