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Is it safe to breathe indoors? Think Again!

Did you know?

Air pollution does not only happen outdoors.
It’s an indoor problem too!
More than 60% of Malaysians are suffering from poor indoor air quality, right in their very own home.
In other words, only 4 out of 10 live in a safe indoor environment!

Common air pollutants.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Mould & bacteria

Chemicals from cleaning products

Outdoor air pollutants

Cigarette & tobacco smoke

Dust mites

Animal hair & dander

Combustion gasses

Carbon Monoxide

Gases, including Radon

Health ailments that may affect you and your family.



Acute lower respiratory infections


Ear and upper respiratory infections


Nasopharyngeal and laryngeal cancers

Start cleaning with these tips!

Living room
Only 49%
of Malaysians clean their living room once/twice a week.
Vacuum rooms at least twice a week.
If you have pets at home, it’s best that you vacuum daily to remove dirt and allergens.
Swap chemical cleaners for milder disinfectants. Try to use homemade, natural alternatives such as vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.
Instead of curtains, hang blinds you can dust often.
Air out new furniture that contains heavy amounts of VOC (commonly found in fabrics, wood and construction) for at least a week before use.
Odour~less Aircare

An Anti Formaldehyde paint with Active Carbon Technology. It’s designed to absorb harmful chemicals and refreshes the air. It also contains ultra-low VOCs and offers an ultra-low odour experience.

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Only 51%
of Malaysians vacuum their bedroom floor once a week or less.
Clean your storage units, sofas and mattresses every week.
Invest in a good air purifier.
Ventilate rooms daily by opening windows.
Place some plants to increase oxygen levels such as snake plants, bamboo plants and golden pothos.
Remove scented candles and potpourri as they infuse the air with harmful chemicals.

A specially formulated Silver Ion Technology that provides anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It’s proven to be effective against HFMD, Influenza (H1N1) and bacteria.

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Only 40%
of Malaysians clean their bathroom floor once or twice a week.
Remove mould by cleaning the surface with eco-friendly products such as baking soda and water. Keep surfaces dry by leaving windows and the door open.
Install an exhaust fan. It improves cleanliness by sucking out moisture from the air, allowing the polluted indoor air to move outdoors.
Wipe your toiletries dry frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria.
Tile Primer

Instead of hacking your bathroom tiles, paint over it. Prime your tiled walls with Tile Primer to inhibit growth of mould/fungus. Then, paint over it with Aqua Epoxy for tough finishing.

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Only 38%
of Malaysians have the habit of cleaning their kitchen floors on a daily basis.
Microscopic grease particles get trapped in the air. So mop the kitchen floor regularly and wipe your cooking utensils clean after each use.
Place a lid over your trash can to prevent bacteria from escaping into the air.
Empty your trash can daily. Clean the inside and the outside surface of the trash can because that’s where the bacteria resides.
Use a smoke or exhaust fan in the kitchen.

A premium ultra-low VOC paint with non-sticky technology that repels household stains. It also has water-resistant features.

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Walls are the largest surface at home! Don't overlook the cleanliness of it.

Only 40%
Malaysians are experiencing healthy air quality at home.
confessed that they do not clean the wall as often as they clean the floor.
More than 80%
of Malaysians who live in smaller living spaces are MOST LIKELY to suffer from unhealthy indoor air.
of Malaysian parents said that their children spend an average of 8 - 20 hours indoors daily.
of parents agree that their children touch the walls during play.
reported that their child uses the wall as a support to learn how to walk.

Note: All survey findings are based on independent research
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