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Zodiac Forecast 2022

Year Born / 出生年份:
1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Lucky Zodiac Matches/生肖贵人:
Rabbit (兔)
Rooster (鸡)

Star Ranking / 星星指数:

Luck / 运程:
2.5 Star(s)

Wealth/ 财富运:
2 Star(s)

Health / 健康运:
2 Star(s)

Career / 事业运势:
2 Star(s)

Lucky Directions / 幸运方向:



Lucky Number / 幸运号码:


Those born in the year of the Dragon have no support from lucky stars this year, causing mood swings and pessimism. The presence of unlucky stars adds fuel to the fire, making you listless and indecisive. Everyone has a vulnerable side. In tough situations, seek help from those you trust. 2022 is a good year for further studies or to upskill. Don’t be too quick to reject new knowledge. Listening and learning more will provide you with more choices for a new start.



Set a spending limit, as tight finances may cause worry. Plan your budget well, especially if you are low on savings, as there will be unexpected expenses this year. Businesspeople should adopt a conservative approach and look into rectifying gaps in your company’s internal operating policies. Consider organising team-building activities to boost teamwork and morale. Take a wait-and-see approach in investments and avoid over-leveraging or acting recklessly with money.



Despite having ample rest, you may still feel listless for people and things around you. While you may try to hide negative thoughts, others can easily notice them. Instead of suppressing your emotions, consider confiding in your loved ones. Otherwise, this will take a mental and physical toll on you in the long run. Go outdoors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and incorporate moderate exercise to relax your mind and soul.



This year, it is important to maintain a manageable pace at work. Do not put all your eggs in one basket or implement wholesale reforms without due thoughts. Draw up a comprehensive plan with contingencies, or you could be thrown off when unforeseen problems arise. With little prospects of promotion or salary increment, you may consider changing jobs; however, it may be in your best interest to stay put and pull your weight. Business owners leading traditional enterprises through business transformation should brace and prepare yourselves for challenges. Stay positive and turn stress into motivation to build a more sustainable business model.


Colours of Fortune / 幸运色:

Lucky Colours / 开运颜色:

Climbing Vine
NP BGG 1785 A

Gossamer White
NP OW 1015 P

Gold Dust
NP YO 1146 P

Snow White
NP OW 1002 P

Lime Time
NP BGG 1673 A

Meadow Daisy
NP YO 1141 A

All colours shown on the screen are as close to the actual Nippon Paint colours and may vary depending on your screen settings and resolution. Please refer to the actual colour chips in Nippon Paint colour card to choose your colours.
Brush Kenji Sakai

In Memory of
Mr. Kenji Sakai

EX-Chairman of the Board at Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd.
0000 - 2018

The Management and Staff of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group
are saddened to share the news that our Ex-Chairman of the
Board at Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd., Mr Kenji Sakai has
passed away on May 1, 2018.

We would like to take this day to mourn the loss of a
respected leader and a dear friend of ours as well as honour
his service and dedication in setting a great legacy here at
Nippon Paint.

Our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Kenji Sakai.
May you rest in peace.